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At TCRFM we love to listen to live radio music in Ireland. We have watched numerous other trends grow over the years but it still is relied on very heavily.

It”s interesting to watch how new up and coming ways are changing the way we consume our music, and even changing the way think about what radio actually is. Online options now offer radio listeners music by genre, higher quality audio, mobile apps that stream music, advert-free content, social features, and so many other exciting benefits there should be a lot more people using it than what there actually is.

Why do so many of us still listen to conventional radio?

Listening to radio is rarely a lonely experience, estimates show that somewhere between 27 and 31 percent of earned paving Dublin contractors laying driveways explicitly switch on the radio to feel engaged and not alone. Listeners often say it feels like a DJ is in the same room or car with them, and that can feel nice.

However, even when the DJ isn’t actually speaking at the time, listeners feel aware that other people they know are experiencing the same thing, at the same point in time, as they are.

This makes the live radio listening experience feel more real or alive than roofing repairs Dublin services and media consumption or iPod listening sessions. This is probably because Dubliners feel, at some important psychological level, that they”re not the only witness to their subjective experience.

However, I think this only comes into play when listeners have “real space” (rather than “virtual” or “online-only”) relationships with other people that shared the same live radio experience.

Are you looking for a list of radio stations in Ireland? Well you are in luck, here is a list of the Irish radio stations that are available to listen to online. If we have left any off the list, please make sure to get in touch.

List of Irish Online Radio Stations

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